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From Gabriel Russell <>
Subject How to write a html filter using tomcat
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 13:41:39 GMT
I'm a little confused as to the scope of writing a html filter.

Suppose that I want to write a piece of Java that for every html page get 
served the code would filter through the html for any foreign links and 
replace the link with a click through counter.

I'd have no trouble writing the code. I just can't think of how to get the 
code to run. If I wanted to write it in c then I could simply create a 
apache response-handler. Is there a way to write response-handlers with 
tomcat? It seams like I should be able to say: for any request matching 
/foo/*.html send that request to /servlets/Parser. Parser would then be 
able to look in the request object and figure out what file was being 
requested, open it, parse it, then dump it out. Does this make sense?

Thanks for tuning in
Gabriel Russell

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