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From Wong Kok Wai <>
Subject Re: Object-Oriented Databases(was Oracle Developer...)
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:30:08 GMT
My experience is not the lack of API in Java; it is the implementation of the OODB.
For example, for the OODB I've used, persistence version of Vector and Hashtable
cannot scale up to more than 10,000 objects. TreeSet is not thread safe. Object
deletion from the OODB does not work, so the database file just keeps growing.
Query is slow....

Greg wrote:

> It seems like RDBMS is going to be around for awhile.  The best threat against
> RDBMS, in my mind, was five years ago.  OODBs were gathering steam.  I think
> Java is almost singularly responsible for pausing that progress because it is
> only until recently that Java had any sort of sophisticated collection classes.
> And, since JDK 1.2 wasn't (and still isn't) used everywhere, most programmers
> still work with Vectors and Arrays.  Programmers hadn't thought about other
> forms of containers for persistence.  Since Java is the premier OO programming
> language of the day, the idea of OO persistence largely rest on the strength of
> its collection framework.   Without doubt in my mind, though, the best OO
> database/app server this side of heaven is GemStone's.  They were so ahead of
> their time, it's not funny.
> I guess that EJB running against Postgres seems like a good way to go for now,
> for free.  I havent' used MySQL, but they say it, compared to PostGres, is more
> in line with a low wattage database such as MS Access.  If you are going to use
> Postgres, think twice about using its OO extensions and othe peculiar features
> in the interest of portability to other RDBMSs at a later date,
> Greg

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