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From Alec Bau <>
Subject Re: JSP with databases : is there a cost to use EJB ?
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:28:22 GMT
For portable middleware that can handle distributed unified SQL transactions across
several databases (relational or even major non relational) residing on different
network nodes (most Unixes, VMS, NT, mainframe) you may want to check ISG Navigator
(they have JDBC, ODBC, OLE-DB and other api's on top).

"Chun, Byung (GEAE, Elano)" wrote:

> I would actually disagree. (BTW, this is no plug for inprise
> b/c we are actually using websphere ), but if I'm not mistaken,
> Oracle makes heavy use of the visibroker orb for its remote
> implementations, and I'm guessing that their ejb services
> would also be handled underneath by visibroker. As far as I know,
> which might not be alot, there aren't any ejb servers that I know
> of that can handle distributed transactions across more than
> one database instance, let alone multiple instances that
> are from different vendors. If I'm wrong, pls let me know! so that
> I can check it out.
> Although the ejb server would seem to be tightly integrated,
> I would think that you would still be able to connect to
> other dbms' other than oracle, but would still gain the advantage
> of sidestepping net8 calls and using internal pipes. I actually
> haven't seen much of it, so I could be totally off base.
> Jin
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> From: Joel Regen []
> Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 10:55 AM
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> Subject: Re: JSP with databases : is there a cost to use EJB ?
> Chris Audley wrote:
> > Oracle has taken another approach by integrating the EJB server with the
> > database.  IMHO, this is the more important integration because the EJBs
> > are typically closely associated with database tables.  Having the data
> > right there improves EJB performance.
> yes.  it might have that effect.  However, when you are considering transactions
> and 2-phase commit, (support for heterogenous DBs) you lose the advantage of a
> "tightly integrated" EJB server on a specific vendor's DB.
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