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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: JSP with databases : is there a cost to use EJB ?
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2000 18:11:16 GMT
Greg wrote:

> I am surprised, nay disjointed, that J2EE hasn't been more tightly woven
> into Tomcat, as (a) a plug-in from anotherapp server, or (b) an actual
> Tomcat project, or (c) as a stated objective.

The interweaving is actually happening the other way around -- Tomcat is
getting embedded in J2EE servers as the web service.  This makes sense when
you remember that servlet/JSP containers, as well as EJB containers, are
themselves components of a bigger "J2EE" server.

The reference implementation of J2EE that you can download from Sun, for
example, has a modified version of Tomcat 3.0 built in to it (we're working
on a way to replace that with Tomcat 3.2 if you want to, but this is not a
simple "drop in a new JAR file" situation).  Several of the open source
application servers already do, or are doing, exactly the same thing:
integrating Tomcat into their own J2EE servers so that they don't have to
write a servlet container of their own.

>  Whether or not someone
> thinks EJB is helpful or not to their particular project, EJB is as much
> a part of J2EE solutions as Servlets and JSP are.  I feel like I have
> hit a brick wall.  If EJB becomes as prevalent as I am lead to believe,
> then using it as the JDBC conduit will be the standard scalable solution
> in the future.  Who knows how many things, that will later become
> industry trends, will be leveraged off of EJB in the future.  The way
> this business has been moving, I think the best way to stay is with the
> pack, and the pack is moving towards JSP, Tag Libraries, XML, and EJB.
> The Tomcat solution seems to stop one step too soon: no EJB.  It's not
> their fault.  I am grateful to have any such open/free platform
> available for my use.  It just seems like an unfortunate stopping point
> in terms of a seamless solution.

No argument .... all of this stuff is very useful.  But adding EJBs to
Tomcat would (by itself) be insufficient to create a J2EE server.  You
really need all the rest of the functionality as well (JMS, Transactions,
CORBA, JDBC 2.0, JNDI, and so on).  It is our goal to provide a high quality
servlet/JSP container that can be integrated with high quality EJB
containers (and so on for the other J2EE technologies), as well as a
servlet/JSP container that can be used stand alone or behind a web server.


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