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From "Ronald Warner" <>
Subject failing the test
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 06:00:17 GMT
This is a repost -- thanks.

I do the following to perform a test on the tomcat server: clean;
bin/ ant -buildfile conf/test-tomcat.xml	

However, I get the following error:
Guessing TOMCAT_HOME from to bin/..
Setting TOMCAT_HOME to bin/..
Buildfile: conf/test-tomcat.xml


conf/test-tomcat.xml:1: Unexpected attribute "init"

I have the following installed on a rh6.2 linux box:
Java API for XML Parsing 1.0.1 
Sun JDK 1.3

When I set my browser to the server:8080, I see the page.  Should I
worry about the failed test.

Thanks in advance
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