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From Christoph Kulla <>
Subject Re: Which JDK to use under Linux?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:35:25 GMT

Jonathan Reichhold wrote:
> This sounds like the connections aren't being freed in oracle.  Look at the
> number of open connections in Oracle when things slow down.  I'd wager that
> you have a large number of connections open at this point.  I had a similar
> problem with an Oracle box that killed all kinds of processes on the box.
> Oracle uses a large amount of system resources for each connection.  I could
> be wrong, but it is worth checking to see if the problem is Oracle and not
> Tomcat.  Tomcat is actually holding up quite well under a heavy load that
> I'm putting on it.

Hm, but we have to use an oracle database. Are there any other JDBC Drivers 
for Oracle? 

By the way, which JDK do you use?


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