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From Gal Shachor <>
Subject Re: Why should I use Tomcat and not Orionserver ?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 08:44:52 GMT

ARNOD-PRIN Samuel wrote:
> and what about tomcat ? How it is best to use it ? as a plugin in IIS
> for example (is it fast so ?)
> is it the same code used for the plugin and a standalone server ? I mean
> you can develop without having to think if it will be used in the plugin
> or alone ?


*Most* of the  Java code used within Tomcat is the same whenever you use
stand-alone or within some other web-server. The only difference is in
the way 
that you get your request:

1. HTTP through a socket in the case of stand-alone
2. AJP through a socket in the case of out of process tomcat plugin.
3. JNI through method calls in the case of in process tomcat plugin.

My recommendation is:

- Develop in/out-of an IDE using stand-alone.
- Deploy as a plugin (and Tomcat should be the same). 

There are many reasons why I prefer deployment as a plugin:
1. HTTP/1.1 support - Apache/IIS support that for a long time.
2. Stability - It takes time to be as stable as Apache.
3. Pure static page performance (even Orion cannot serve static 
   HTML faster then IIS/5)
4. It is just as fast (or faster in some cases)
5. ...

As for in-process/out-of-process deployment:
1. In-process is faster! But out-of-precess can be very close to that
   mainly when you are using AJP13 (available in Tomcat3.2-dev)
2. Out of process is more stable. Normally your servlets will do
   rather complex like accessing a Database. If some error happen you
would not
   like your site to go down. 
3. Out of process is more scalable. You can run several Tomcat processes
to serve 
   your JSPs/Servlets and even on other machines. This also makes to
possible to
   continue to run servlets in the event that some tomcat process die.

	Gal Shachor

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