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From Gal Shachor <>
Subject Re: Why should I use Tomcat and not Orionserver ?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 07:53:13 GMT

ARNOD-PRIN Samuel wrote:
> I am wondering what I should use between OrionServer and Tomcat...
> (orion is only 1500$, it's free for me, so only technical reasons)
> who is able to compare them ? or to tell me why I should use tomcat or
> the other one..
> (of course I would use something like jBoss with tomcat for EJB)
> thanx for helping, I hesitate a lot...

It's been time since I looked into Orion but here is my opinion:

1. Orion does not connect to native servers such as
2. Orion is not open source, its code is scrambled and you may not
decompile it
   it is rather hard to debug like that in an IDE.
3. Orion does not provide an NT service. 

Other then that, if you are willing to pay 1500$ (really not much) and
you do not
want to use a native web server; orion is a better choice:
1. Spec compliant including SSL support
2. Very fast 
3. Supports J2EE in a very nice way. 

The only problem that you can think of is support and documentation.

	Gal Shachor

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