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From ARNOD-PRIN Samuel <>
Subject Re: Why should I use Tomcat and not Orionserver ?
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2000 07:15:26 GMT
> It's been time since I looked into Orion but here is my opinion:
> 1. Orion does not connect to native servers such as
> IIS/Netscape/Apache/AOL
> 2. Orion is not open source, its code is scrambled and you may not
> decompile it
>    it is rather hard to debug like that in an IDE.
> 3. Orion does not provide an NT service.
> Other then that, if you are willing to pay 1500$ (really not much) and
> you do not
> want to use a native web server; orion is a better choice:
> 1. Spec compliant including SSL support
> 2. Very fast
> 3. Supports J2EE in a very nice way.
> The only problem that you can think of is support and documentation.
>         Gal Shachor
and what about tomcat ? How it is best to use it ? as a plugin in IIS
for example (is it fast so ?)
is it the same code used for the plugin and a standalone server ? I mean
you can develop without having to think if it will be used in the plugin
or alone ?

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