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From Brian Gordon <>
Subject war files and directories
Date Sat, 03 Jun 2000 20:05:08 GMT
I just installed Tomcat on my RedHat Linux 6.2. I used to use
ApacheJserv, and find Tomcat hard to follow by comparison.

What is a war file? How is it added to the webapps directory? Do we have

to employ the directory structure set in the examples? (The WEB-INF
directory is counter-intuitive.) What's the difference between the
tomcat.conf and tomcat-apache.conf? I notice the latter is updated  when

I add a context to server.xml, but no war file is placed in the webapps.

/root appears often in the config files. Is this related to the ROOT
directory in webapps? What is it?

If you can answer any or all of these questions, I'd appreciate it!



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