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From "Randall Parker" <>
Subject How to tell Tomcat version?
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 21:49:45 GMT
Excuse if this is a repost. I didnt' see my own message come back to me on the list:

I wanted to report a problem I'm having with cookies. The cookie getting set does not include
the domain name. It only includes the "/webapps" without the preceding domain and therefore
Opera 4 Beta 5 is 
reporting it as a cookie security problem.

Anyway, I can't remember what version of Tomcat I have installed (its either 3.1b1 or 3.1
GA). How can one figure that out? 

I see a lot of files dated April 18, 2000 at 15:56. Are those dates from the original dates
in the tar or zip file? Or were they set when it was installed?

Aside: I really like the Opera 4 beta 5 browser. I'm testing it against my site admin forms
that Opera 3.62 couldn't handle. Looks like Opera 4 has the DHTML features needed to set the
form action on a 
button click event. 

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