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From (Raul Perez Justicia)
Subject Installing a .jar file.
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 14:45:03 GMT

I've a newbie question:

Well I'm doing an application using linux+apache+tomcat and I need to 
connect on a postgres dabatase.

I've postgres jdbc driver in a .jar file and I don't know how I can
tell to my app that uses it.

When I load a jsp page it says me:

Error: 500
And say that can not load org.postgresql.Driver

Any one knows how setup it?

Thanks in advance.

Raul Perez,
pub  1024D/1A30E655 2000-02-19 Raul Perez (RpJ) <>
   Key fingerprint = B201 E9DF ED7C E044 3C67  8C37 B59C 78A9 1A30 E655

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