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From "Fred Nenad Brkich" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs JSERV
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 04:22:13 GMT

> RE: Supported MIME types...I've been using JSERV for quite some time now =
> and have recently decided to go to tomcat to handle our servlets. The =
> main reason for this move was to be able to use JDK 1.2.2 on AIX which =
> did not work correctly for JSERV and I don't believe JSERV even =
> officially supports 1.2.x. Now, I'm curious is going to Tomcat the best =
> way?

Just to add my penneth-worth. I note that over the last few weeks
a number of people, including myself, have posted a problem that
indicated that the apxs script failed in building As
far as I am aware no-one provided an accurate or even partially
helpful response. Why? Seems a lot of people were hitting the same
dead-end, but nothing came back from the developers or the community.
Add to this the complete lack of commercial support (so far as I
am aware) for the Apache-Tomcat product; the almost total lack of
worthwhile documentation for installation (eg on OS's such as
HPUX11); and so on, and it becomes very difficult to recommend
Apache-Tomcat as anything but a toy for part-time hackers. 

A much better way for you would be to get Apache-Lutris/Enhydra,
which does come with some commercial support, and is a cool product.


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