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From Sean Han <>
Subject role of JSP
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2000 04:22:18 GMT
Hi, everyone:

One of the reasons that separate web applications into
JSP and servlet is that people like script writers,
who don't know Java at all but be good at artistic
design, can do the JSP pages easily. I think writing a
JSP page should be as easy as writing an ASP page. All
you need to know are those components(Bean in JSP
terminology) and their properties, methods and events.

But things are not as ideal as I expect. Here I got
some problems I found in JSP. Maybe you guys can help
me out.

1. In JSP, although there are <jsp:getProperty> and
<jsp:setProperty> tags available for properties
accessing, you cannot use them to access an indexed

2. There are not simple flow-control tags, like loop
or while, in standard JSP tags. 

3. Visual tools is not readily available.

Please give advice. Thank you!


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