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From "Steven Punte" <>
Subject HELP: GETTING DESPERATE: Virtual Hosting and Static Files: How?
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 17:27:27 GMT

Dear Tomcat Community:

    I have successfully achieve virtual hosting with tomcat + apache
    according to the user documentation.

    However, It really seems like ALL static pages are now
    being severed through tomcat and apache instead 
    of simply apache alone.  This wasn't the case before
    I started using virtual hosting.

    My virtual host entry is below.
    Has anyone seen this issue and found a solution?

    Thanks in advance.


    ApJServMount / ajpv12://localhost:8503
    DocumentRoot /var/webrooms/resortbase


    Kevin Bedell posted a potential solution, but it requires each
    application to be adjust.  I'm looking for a generic solution 
    where such an adjustment is not necessary.

STeve Punte
e-Business Software Architect
Technologent Inc

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