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From "JalenWang" <>
Subject JSP(Html) + Servler performace question!!?
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 03:12:17 GMT

Hi All:

  I use servlet to get data and *.jsp file to display it
  by using RequestDispatch.

  and I use JMeter to test the preformance,
  I found that if the *.jsp file doesn't include any html tags,
  then it will have better preformace result!!(in Resion1.1 standalone)

  Additionally, I use tag libs in my *.jsp file,
  for example below, the file1.jsp will has better performance
  than file2.jsp!!

My Question:
           1. When using *.jsp file, in performance issue,
                does the page "java code without html tags" will
                be better than "java code with html tags"??

            2. I know the servlet can serve to multiple requests by
                using threads mode,concurrently, if the servlet will
                use another class object,thus does the object keep only
                 one instance or re-create multiple ones??

           2.  Following above one, I know the *.jsp file will compile
                into servlet, and
                if I use tag hander in it, if the handler object will be
                re-creat each time when I access this page or will keep
                itself in container and serve multiple requests

Your help will be much appreciated!!

Jalen Wang
   ------ file1.jsp ---------
I use maillist tag handler to get data from servlet and mailidx tag handler
 to display data
<%@ taglib uri="WEB-INF/tlds/maillist_1_0.tld" prefix="mm" %>

     <mm:mailidx field="mid"/>

-------- file2.sjp --------
<%@ taglib uri="WEB-INF/tlds/maillist_1_0.tld" prefix="mm" %>

    <TD>column 1</TD>
    <TD >column 2</TD>
    <TD >column 3</TD>

     <mm:mailidx field="mid"/>


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