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Subject Running Tomcat on a different computer than Apache
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2000 20:32:19 GMT
I would like to know what is the recommended approach regarding the static content of a web
site when Tomcat 
runs on a different computer , not the web server.
For example i am using a lot of JSP files which of course reside on the Tomcat computer in
My JSP files generate the dynamic content but i also need to have the Navigation bar of the
web site to left of the screen along with the JSP output. In the beggining of each JSP file
i use a 
<%@ include file=/contrextName/servlets/navBar.html %> and all the navigation bar HTML
and JavaScript files reside in webapps/ContrextName/servlets/.
The problem is that if  i just copy the Navigation bar files from the web server to the Tomcat
machine the relative links and especially the links to the images of the navigation bar and
the javascript RollOvers do not work. 
What is the recommended approach for this problem which i guess appears in every project since
i will always need the navigation bar along with my JSP dynamic output ?
Should i use a <BASE tag in all my JSP files that will point to the document root of the
Web server ? ?
I can also modify the source of the Navigation Bar files that reside on the Tomcat computer
and make the links to the Images absolute URLs that point to the Web Server. But in that case
i will have to maintain 2 different version of the Naqvigation bar files.
I am trying to find the best approach that will minimize the maintenance. If possible whenever
i make updates on the Navigation bar files files on the Web Server i would like to just copy
the new version to the webapps/ContrextName/servlets/ folder in the Tomcat Computer without
having to do the equivalent updates there. 


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