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From "Ken Kress" <>
Subject Is anyone using tablegen with MySQL?
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 13:04:34 GMT
I spent a day and a half trying to get tablegen-1.8 working with the
latest(mm mysql 2.0.2) and semi-latest (2.0pre5) mm mysql driver and MySQL

Tablegen would generate these great bean-like classes. I can see them and I
want them so bad.

But when I try to compile the classes, I get a Driver not found error. It
doesn't make sense. Tablegen *uses* the mm mysql driver to get the table
definitions, so why can't it find the driver when I try to compile. Classes
I write by hand compile and execute with no problem. Usually I'd think the
problem is with the CLASSPATH, but I can't see how that could be in this

My only hope is that someone else has solved this problem ... or that
there's another package that can generate jdbc-savvy beans from a MySQL


Ken Kress                     
Osprey Partners LLC                                  610.240.7289

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