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From "Yun Sang Jung" <>
Subject How can I use ajp13 protocol?
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 05:32:30 GMT
I'm working with Tomcat 3.2 dev.

I compiled and copyed this file into Apache 1.3.12 libexec directory and add one
line(Include mod_jk.conf-auto instead of tomcat-apache.conf) in httpd.conf file.
Because I want Tomcat to serve in using 8007(ajp12) and 8009(ajp13) for loadbalancing. I added
the other Connector for port 8009 in server.xml(copy default one for 8007 and only change
port #, handler value into 8009 and Ajp13ConnectionHander) and configure
for using one for ajp12, the other for ajp13. After command, Tomcat listens on
port 8007 & 8009.

At this point, I can not find how to assign the application (context?) to specific port.
Now, all of JSP or Servlet request are going into port 8007 using ajp12.

Is there another configuration file (except mod_jk.conf-auto) for it?
I don't want to modify mod_jk.conf-auto in hand, because this file is auto generated by Tomcat

One more question: Is there DTD for server.xml? If yes, tell me the URL to get it. I cannot
find this information in JSP SPEC 1.1
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