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From "Moises Solis" <>
Subject Direction and escape sequence...
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2000 20:01:48 GMT
Thank you for your time and sorry for using bandwidth.

Is there a better forum to help me find a solution?

I'm trying to pass a parameter to a javabean on a JSP.    The parameter is
an SQL statement that has characters that TomCat believes to be "special
characters".    For example: "select * from students"    The error refers to
the *.     It also complains about '(' and ')' that are being used for an
inner join.    I have other work-around.     Is there a way to pass in
special characters?

Basically, I created a "simple" generic javabean that allows two parameters:
a database driver name and the SQL code.    It returns rows of data
formatted using CSS.


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