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From "Yun Sang Jung" <>
Subject Re: How do I build the WAR file for my web apps?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 14:56:59 GMT
If you are using build script, run the bulid script with dist arguement, that is to say, "build
dist" This build script helps you deploy and devlope your web-app. If you need the document
about build script (which is served by "ant"), check application dev document in your tomcat's
document directory and ant document. (sub-project in Jakarta Project)

> hao huang writes:
> > I am new in this list. I have installed Tomcat on my Windows NT, and also
> > config Tomcat to serve my simple web application "myweb" - so far so good...
> > Now I am trying to build the WAR file for "myweb" and found myself stuck in
> > dead water... I think it should be simple if know how-to, can anyone give me
> > some hint or help? Do I need to install Ant first? where can I find sample
> > or docs about this?
> A war file is just a jar file.  Jar up your WEB-INF directory and any
> other resources (html files, jsp files, etc) into myweb.war, and drop
> it into your tomcat webapps directory.
> Jerry
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