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From Jason Rumney <>
Subject mod_jserv problems.
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 12:04:53 GMT

We are using Tomcat 3.1 and Apache 1.3.12 on Solaris 2.6, with the
mod_jserv included in the Tomcat 3.1 source distribution and compiled
with apxs.

Mostly it is working as we would expect, but there are a couple of
minor problems we have noticed.

First Problem

Our application requires a login before anything will function. This is
achieved by setting a session attribute on successful login, then
redirecting to the page originally requested.

Going direct to Tomcat on port 8080, this works perfectly.

Going via Apache, the first login after the browser is started or
Tomcat is restarted fails, as the session is not active after the
redirect. After this initial failure, everything functions normally.

Has anyone else encountered this behaviour, and is there a workaround
or fix for this?

Second problem

There are actually two problems here. One is that Tomcat slips up
occasionally and puts the session id in the URL instead of the
cookie. The other problem is that Apache cannot handle the session id
in the URL....

Occasionally, despite the browser handling cookies,  Tomcat will add
the session id to the end of the URL as
";jsessionid=To1025mC8217871212210562At". Apache does not recognise
the semi-colon as being special in any way, so fails to match the
following rule:

  AddHandler jserv-servlet .do

Is there a way around this? A better way of writing the above rule
perhaps, or a way of rewriting the URL so it gets caught by that,
without losing the session id for Tomcat.

Jason Rumney <>    Tel:    +44 1527 495253
AT&T Labs (Redditch, UK)              Fax:    +44 1527 495229

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