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From Jan Labanowski <>
Subject Re: mod_ssl problems
Date Mon, 01 May 2000 13:04:36 GMT
On Mon, 1 May 2000, Vasile GABURICI wrote:

>         Hi all,
>         I've managed to find a workaround for the jserv + SSL problem
> mentioned in my previous post. It's rather trivial. 
>         I couldn't find out why the https://localhost/examples/servlets
> URL doesn't work. But I've noticed in Jans' logs that he accesses the
> servlets directly. So, I tried to hit the servlet directly and it worked:
> https://localhost/examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample
>         Finally I realized that this it was only an URL rewriting problem,
> so I tried https://localhost/examples/servlets/index.html which also
> worked. Following this line, https://localhost/examples/servlets/ also
> works (note the final /). So, the workaround was trivial. 
>         Still, I'd like to know if the https://localhost/examples/servlets
> (no trailing /) URL works for Jan. My apache doesn't misbehave if try
> other https URLs that need rewriting, like https://localhost/manual, so it
> must have something to do with the jserv thing... 

I added (fast und dirty...) a bullet:
 o  Examples of my config files for Tomcat 3.1-beta-1 under Solaris
to the:

Maybe there is a clue there...


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