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Subject Pointers on understanding servlet paths
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 21:15:49 GMT
Hello all,
I'm wanting to use Tomcat as a development/testing platform for servlets,
and would like to configure it to mimic the deployment server (Oracle
Application Server). In my pages, I reference servlets with a virtual path
similar to:


I'm trying to figure out how and where to specify the virtual path to
support this and where the servlets need to reside for Tomcat to find them.
If the above reference is in a file in directory
</Tomcat/webapps/mywebapp>, where does the DisplayServlet1 need to reside?
I've tried creating a <web-inf/classes/com/ironmax/display> directory and
putting the class in there, but no luck. (In the global web.xml file I
created a <servlet-mapping> <servlet-name> entry for spserv.)

I've looked through the docs, the server.xml and web.xml files and
downloaded Sun's Servlet API and read through Chapters 9 and 10 where the
format of web.xml is discussed, but I'm still unable to get things to work.
What's the missing link? Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Dave Barker

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