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From "A. Scott White" <>
Subject RE: Connection Pool
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 16:22:10 GMT
Thanks for all the excellent answers. Very informative.

You did so well with those, I thought I'd pose a few tougher questions that
have been perplexing me:

1. Does evil exist, or is it simply the absence/perversion
   of good?
2. Why do we use the term workoholic? Alcoholics are
   addicted to alcohol, but there is no such thing as
   workohol. Shouldn't we say "workic"?
3. Why do people say, "Everything that glitters is not
   gold?" This is not true. Some things that glitter are,
   in fact, gold. Shouldn't we say, "Not everything that
   glitters is gold."?
3. Why do people say "I could care less?" Doesn't this
   imply that they do care and could, in fact, reduce
   the amount of concern they have. Shouldn't we say,
   "I couldn't care less."? Isn't that what we really

Just wondering.

A. Scott White
Director of Information Systems and Product Strategy
ACS Healthcare Solutions Group

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