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From "A. Scott White" <>
Subject RE: IL0VEY0U
Date Fri, 05 May 2000 14:08:17 GMT
>> at least the warnings do not damage anything....

> But they not only use bandwidth and disk resources unnecessarily
> (I am well aware of the irony of my sending this), but they also
> have the effect of causing some non-technical people to not read
> their e-mail at all for fear of viruses.  I had to assure people
> all day today that it was OK to read their e-mail as long as they
> don't open attachments.  That is real damage to business
> productivity.

Sorry to waste more bandwidth and contribute to the overall "off-topic"
ratio but:

While I agree, I think it is a thin line. Had I not received a virus warning
earlier yesterday morning, I would not have recognized the virus when it
appeared on this list. I do not make a habit of opening unrequested and
unknown attachments, so I would probably have been safe anyway.
Nevertheless, it was good to know.

A. Scott White
Director, Information Systems
Healthcare Solutions Group
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.

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