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From "Travis Reeder" <>
Subject IIS Default Document problem SOLVED
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 05:24:23 GMT
I am using Tomcat with IIS having iis serving all the static data.  But when
you surf to a directory with no file extension, it is not executing the
file, but rather just spitting it out the code as text.

Now I seemed to fix the problem by adding the .jsp extensions into the
CONFIGURATION of the application on the HOME DIRECTORY tab of your website
properties.  In the configuration dialog, add a new application mapping for
.jsp and point it to your isapi_redirect.dll.  So you have the ISAPI
redirect filter on, but you also set this up so that when iis goes and
serves the default documents, it passes them through the filter as well.

Now I'm wondering, couldn't you just set it up this way from the beginning
without the main Isapi filter like in the tomcat docs?  Then IIS would serve
everything just as normal, but would send the jsp files to the
isapi_redirect.  This is I believe how Cold Fusion and probably other
application engines do it.

Any thoughts on this?

Travis Reeder
Director, Internet Technologies

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