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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject Non-context paths
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 08:07:14 GMT
In Tomcat I can create a new 'application' by adding a context entry to the
server.xml file and creating a sub-directory that contains my resources.
Within that application I can have further sub-directories that contain .jsp
files or html files. So if I have an application called foo, I have
c:\tomcat\webapps\foo and I can browse to http://localhost/foo/default.htm.
Within foo I can create a sub-directory called bar (so I have
c:\tomcat\webapps\foo\bar) and I can browse to
http://localhost/foo/bar/quux.htm This is good.

My question is - how do I do this for the root context?

My root context is in c:\tomcat\webapps\ROOT and I browse to it by going
http://localhost/defalt.htm I'd like to be able to organise my root into
several sub-directories so have c:\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\xml and
c:\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\java and be able to browse to
http://localhost/java/javahome.jsp but Tomcat treats /java as a context not
as a sub directory!

Is there anyway to tell Tomcat that a 'path' isn't a context?

Kevin Jones

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