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Subject Tomcat Version
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 17:50:58 GMT
Hi people working at development of Tomcat!

I'm very happy with Tomcat 3.1, but as I can see at this mailing list, very people have trouble
principally due to using a old beta and thinking that this is a release, etc., and, of course,
polluting with questions that should be resolved with upgrade 
o release version...

Why not adopt a number-schema for indicating the build of Tomcat? Something like Tomcat 3.1-R0567
(Tomcat 3.1 Release compilation 0567), or any other thing like this? Or better: something
like Linux releases: 2.2.12 for production release, and 2.3.99 fo
 development release...

It's only my 2 cents...

Edson Richter

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