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From Kristina Öhgren <>
Subject session problem!!
Date Fri, 26 May 2000 13:15:22 GMT
I've gotten good help here before, though my questions really don't belong
here (I'm sorry). I do use Tomcat, though, and I haven't had much problems
with it. This time I'd like to know the following:
I have a form in a jsp-page called adm.jsp (where the user can update
his/her information). Form action is adm.jsp, i.e. the same file.
The problem is that I loose the session when the page is called the second
time, and I get redirected to my "relogin-page". I check the session by
calling session.getAttribute(...), with attribute I set when the user logs
in. Can anyone see a solution using this short information? Is there any
known issues regarding forms and sessions? Or am I totally lost?
Pleeeeease, help me!
Regards and thanks,
Kristina Ohgren

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