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From Kristina Öhgren <>
Subject jsp:forward problem
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 16:57:08 GMT

I am desperate to find a solution to the following:

I use a .jsp-page with a login-form. The request is sent to login.jsp that
uses a bean to check user against database and return user-type (user or
admin). Login.jsp then forwards to a start-page depending on the user type.
If I logout from this start page and then use "back" and "reload" in the
browser, the user gets re-logged in (because the whole request is re-sent).
This is obviously not acceptable. Does anyone know what I need to do to
avoid this?

I know that this is not a question for this list, but I thought there might
be a saving soul out there? If you know another, better, list for this, that
would also be helpful.

Big thanks in advance
Kristina Ohgren

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