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From "Giles Chanot \(\)" <>
Subject RE: Memory leaks in Tomcat 3.1?
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 09:41:09 GMT

I might be incredibly naive, but I thought memory leaks were a thing of the
past with Java?

Surely if there are problems, it's down to the JVM implementation having a
flaw. Have you tried the JDK1.3 JVM which comes with Hotspot featuring an
incremental garbage collection option? Sadly this isn't available for Linux
yet ;-( but it is for Windows and Solaris - I've tried the Windows one for
running Forte, and the performance is great.


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From: James House []
Sent: 16 May 2000 00:07
Subject: Re: Memory leaks in Tomcat 3.1?

I have the exact same problem (I even also tested with JRun) ... I sent a
message a week back, and received no response.

My application uses about 30 megs under JRun, but under Tomcat
uses ALL of the memory that I give the VM.

I'm also using Solaris, and the same JVM you mention below.

(only difference is using Apache as the web server)

Can anyone give us a clue if there is a "known bug" that is
being worked on?


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