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From Andrew Worsley <>
Subject How well does the web.xml file work in tomcat
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 06:35:11 GMT
   In particular it seems:


    is run yet page 44 of the 2.2 servlet Spec says
    nothing in this directory should be served by the webserver.

    I can't get the servlet definition to work for a jsp-file. I get :
Error: 404

Location: /examples/jsp/webPN/login.jspnull

File Not Found
/examples/jsp/webPN/login.jspnull >

   which looks like a bug.

   Also how do I turn on the debugging in the server.xml file? At the moment
   it has debug="0" what's the sane values I should I use. "1" or something?

   Basically I want to have some pages which check the user has logged in via
   a session attribute and then forward to other JSP pages which don't do any
   checking. I can't figure out how to forward to a page which isn't directly
   accessible from a URL. If I try to block a URL pattern by mapping it to a
   particular servlet then forwards stop working. I haven't tried relative
   URLs of the form ../WEB-INF/secretpage.jsp yet.

   Is this a good way?

   I am  using apache with mod_ssl and tomcat from that. This is the only way
   I know to get SSL with tomcat.

   Sorry if these are dumb questions but there is no FAQ for the list yet and
   the FAQ on the web site didn't seem to have anything relevant.

   	Thanks in advance


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