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From "Hubbard, Charles (ISSAtlanta)" <>
Subject Problems with Tomcat and using reflection
Date Thu, 18 May 2000 18:32:13 GMT

I'm having problems with tomcat3.1 and VAJ3.02 when I try to load a class
file using the Class.forName() function.  SUpposedly this function tries to
find the class within the CLASSPATH, but when I try and call it, I get an
exception.  The classfile is in the CLASSPATH, but I notice that tomcat
compiles java files and places them in the work/localhost%80%80/ directory.
Now the class file is not in this directory, but his directory is not in the
CLASSPATH.  It seems that tomcat is looking here trying find the file, and
not checking the CLASSPATH.  Why does tomcat do this!?

I've noticed that exporting java files, usually breaks tomcat under VAJ.  If
I export class files everything seems to be ok, but I can't debug past the
JSP generated servlet because I exported a class file!  

I've had mixed results with VAJ and tomcat when accessing files outside of
VAJ sometimes it works other times it can't find the files.  I thought
because I have the java files in my repository when someone asks for a file
it looks there first before going to the disk/CLASSPATH.  How do you handle
java files that are imported by your JSP/Servlets?  Do you export them into
the CLASSPATH?  DO you export class files or java files.

There's a bug between the two pieces of software, but I can't identify which
it is.


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