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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: newbie questions
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 16:54:37 GMT
The "Automatic context load's", and auto expansion of WAR files, comes from the AutoStart context
interceptor.  Delete or comment out the server.xml line:

	<ContextInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.context.AutoSetup" />

and this will cease.

Hope this helps.


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From: - []
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 11:27 AM
Subject: newbie questions

Hi all,
Couple of questions below for some things that are not clear to me:

I copied the original server.xml file to my own config because I will be
running 2 tomcat instances for development purposes. Anyways, per the user
guide I run this command.

./ start -f ../conf/myserverconfig.xml

The ouput shows that it is loading my contexts but it is also still loading the
original ones that are default to tomcat (examples, admin, etc)

Context log: path="" Automatic context load docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/ROOT"
Context log: path="" Adding context path=""  docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/ROOT"
Context log: path="/test" Automatic context load docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/test"
Context log: path="/test" Adding context path="/test"  docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/test"
Context log: path="/examples" Automatic context load docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/examples"
Context log: path="/examples" Adding context path="/examples"  docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/examples"
Context log: path="/admin" Automatic context load docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/admin"
Context log: path="/admin" Adding context path="/admin"  docBase="/usr/local/apache/tomcat/webapps/admin"

My question is, in the original server.xml file I removed all context
references to these, they are not in my new one either. How and why are they
getting loaded? Also I am curious as to how tomcat boots exactly. 

Does it always read the default server.xml, THEN read the one specified with
the -f flag on the command line? Or does it automatically start a new context
for each WAR/directory under webapps/ ?

Lastly, I have added a classes/ directory in my TOMCAT_HOME, and put mail.jar
there, I figure that I need to extract it there? Are the classes found here
availiable to ALL tomcat instances running? I need a place to put some common
optional packages across all apps and tomcat instances in one place. Is this it?

thanks a ton!

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