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From "Alexandros Kotsiras" <>
Subject RE: Does jakarta-tomcat webserver/servlet runner work if cookies aredisabled?
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 14:04:08 GMT
Me too, Automatic URL rewriting with cookies disabled does not work.

The same happens on Solaris.

It only works on the standalone operation which is not of much use....

You can still do the URL rewriting manually by yourself but you will have

to use the deprecated HttpSessionContext intrface which enables you to get a

session object from a sessionID.

Not a good idea though because besides the fact that it pretty tedious it

was deprecated in the Servlet2.1 API.

I ended up supporting only browsers with cookies enabled in my application.

You can have a cookie detector in the home page of the application or on the

part of it that uses session tracking and at least you can inform the user

instead of letting him get ...nullpointers.

JServ 1.1 did not have this problem. ....

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From: Betty Chang []
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2000 12:07 PM
Subject: Does jakarta-tomcat webserver/servlet runner work if cookies

Hi all -- I am running jakarta-tomcat webserver on NT, and using servlets.
If I have cookies disabled on my browser,  I do not get session data, even
though I am calling encodeUrl()  before using the URL from the RequestURI().

It works with other web servers, such as JRun.



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