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From "Alexandros Kotsiras" <>
Subject How do i separate JSPs in different Contexts ? ?
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 14:13:27 GMT

   I was wondering if it's possible to separate my JSPs of one context from
the JSPs of another context.
   In the Apache or Tomcat  .conf file  i have

   ApJServAction  .jsp   jserv-servlet

   And jserv-servlet is defined in the default web.xml file that applies to
all cobtexts.

   Now what if i want to use JSP on every web application but i don't wan't
them to be in the same Context ? ?
   The only way i found is to use different file extension for my JSP files
in every web application.

   For example :

   ApJServAction  .jsp-zone1   /zone1/servlet/ jserv-servlet-zone1
   ApJServAction  .jsp-zone2   /zone2/servlet/ jserv-servlet-zone2
   ApJServAction  .jsp-zone3   /zone3/servlet/ jserv-servlet-zone3

  The above works bu it will become tedious as the number of web
applications grows.

  Is there something i am missing in the JSP issue because the above
solution is probably not the right one


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