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From "Ryan, Louis" <>
Subject Include path question??
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 04:09:06 GMT

I am trying to use the <jsp:include> mechanism to include content from a
servlet in some jsp generated content and Im seeing the following behaviour.

The context is mapped in server.xml as follows

<Context path="/home" docBase="c:/home" debug="0" reloadable="false" > 

The page I am using is "/home/jsp/MyPage.jsp" and the include tag is. 

<jsp:include page="/home/servlet/MyServlet"  flush="true">

Internally this creates a RequestDispatcherImpl with path
"/home/servlet/MyServlet" and makes the call to include passing the request
and response.
In the include call is see the line
Request subRequest=context.getContextManager().createRequest( context, path

When I step into the createRequest method it determines the path of my
request to be
context.getPath() + path

before creating the actual request object. Am I right in thinking this is a

Im using Tomcat 3.1 release, IBM JDK 118 on WinNT


Louis Ryan

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