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From "Albert James" <>
Subject automatic reloading of classes
Date Sat, 20 May 2000 19:50:34 GMT


I have a problem with automatic reloading of servlets and beans.  I'm running a
'fairly' stock tomcat, not yet plugged into apache.

1) In order to make tomcat find the Oracle libs, I had to change the classpath
in the script -- changing the properties file alone didn't help.
Obviously this is causing the java class loader to kick in, because now servlets
are not being reloaded.  I want to change this back (I have to restart my server
in order to make a servlet reload now).  Any pointers?

2) Prior to the above, beans would not reload.  A recompile on a bean would
yield a "cannot create bean of class xyz".  A restart of the server would remedy
the problem.

Any hints?  Thanks again.

Kind Regards,

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