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From "Albert James" <>
Subject for JSP
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 04:27:51 GMT

Hi, (sorry if someone asked this already, I just got on the list)

(1) Does for JSP exist?  That is, in I always used to have perl
scripts submit to themselves.  If required fields were left blank, the form
would redisplay and any textfields, selects, checkboxes, radios, etc. would be
prefilled automatically (so long as I used the shortcuts).  I am looking
for the same functionality within Java.  (The action of the form points to a
servlet which does a forward to the appropriate JSP).

I found the formtags tag library, but that seems to work with a bean, not with
the request object.  So, I created a bean with all the attributes of the form
(whew!), and it seems to be working off and on for the text areas.  Except it
has raised some issues:

(2) From within a JSP, one can do useBean and then setProperty *.  This will set
the bean up with any input from the request object.  With my design, the servlet
makes the decision, so the servlet must create the bean.  I have not found a way
to simulate the setProperty * from within Java.  Is there a way?  Should I be
doing it?

Maybe someone can point me to some good documentation for this subject?  The
info that I have found by searching and the info on the jakarta site is sketchy.
The product (and APIs) seem awesome, I just wish I better knew how to use them.
Its a tough transition from Perl/CGI/mod_perl.

Kind Regards,

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