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From Viehl Clemens <>
Subject RE: Setting up new WEBAPP
Date Wed, 10 May 2000 11:36:04 GMT
Ops, something went wrong, sorry about that :o/

> Adapting the tomcat build.xml file to my needs is to 
> complicated for me
> cause I'm not an XML, or ant specialist.
I cant tell you anything about ant :(
But you can ask me about xml if you want (you can ask in german if you mail
me directly :).

> Is there anyone outside that could give me a really simple sample
> appliaction layout (directory structre, build.xml, WEB-INF/web.xml)
> I can start with.

Directory structure looks like this: (without warranty)

 +--classes // contents here are put in classpath
          +--WEB-INF   // contains web.xml
               +--lib  // jars here are put in classpath               
               |       // automagically
               +--classes // contains your classes
                    |     // your classes must be in
                    +--DE // subdirectorys relating to
                       |  // your packages
If you want to deploy war-Files, thei must look like this directory 
structure, starting with directory yourWebapp. This directory is also
your document root for html, images, js, css etc. 
When you deploy a application just put the .war File in the 
tomcat\webapps dir and start tomcat.

Without mapping your URLs must look like this:

Hope this helps you (and perhaps others a bit).


Clemens Viehl

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