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From Chris Beck <>
Subject RE: Classpath in Tomcat
Date Thu, 04 May 2000 19:35:56 GMT
Well, you could extract just the classes you need from rt.jar and put 'em in
your own.

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Andy Bosch
>ubject: Classpath in Tomcat
>Hi folks,
>I am using Tomcat 3.1 . Because I need the package
>com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.* I have to use the rt.jar
>from the jdk1.2.2 in my classpath. But when I do this,
>Tomcat gets an segmentation error on startup. Without setting
>the classpath to rt.jar tomcat starts, but I cannot use classes
>out of this package (of course !!!).
>How can I fix this?
>Where are  the jdk-classes located used by Tomcat?

Now worries,

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