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From mark <>
Subject getInitParameter() trouble
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 23:03:00 GMT
I think I am going to need a bit of spoon-feeding to get started, so
please bear with me.  I am an experienced sysadmin, but rather a novice
Java programmer, so I am quite confused on a few points.

I need some help putting together a correct CLASSPATH, because I'm
having trouble (re)compiling the examples, SnoopServlet in particular.
However, I am able to write, compile, and run simple servlets and JSP.

Also I am having trouble using getInitParameter().

I've included a lot of information that I hope will be helpful to track
down the problems.

Here's what I've got set up so far:

- Apache 1.3.12 on WinNT with Tomcat 3.1
- javac from Sun's JDK1.2.2
   - c:\jdk1.2.2\bin is in the PATH, before the WinNT directories
- CLASSPATH=c:\jdsk2.0\lib\jsdk.jar OR
     have been adequate to compile all my test servlets and JSPs, but
not SnoopServlet.

When I run /examples/servlet/snoop (which is really SnoopServlet.class):

Servlet init parameters:
   JdbcDriver = sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
   dbURL = jdbc:odbc:movie

As expected, because web.xml contains:


I have a test servlet that contains a cut-and-pasted copy of the code
segment from SnoopServlet that lists the init params.  I attempt to
assign the init-params in the same web.xml file like this:


Note that these are in the same examples/WEB-INF/web.xml file, and all
the servlets are in the /examples/WEB-INF/classes directory. compiles fine, but when the servlet runs:

Internal Servlet Error:
	at TestServlet.doGet(, Compiled Code)

But this exception is thrown by exactly the same code segment that works
fine and retrieves the expected values in SnoopServlet.class:

	out.println("Servlet init parameters:");
	Enumeration e = getInitParameterNames();
	while (e.hasMoreElements()) {
	    String key = (String)e.nextElement();
	    String value = getInitParameter(key);
	    out.println("   " + key + " = " + value); 

I only tried the above after the segment below failed to work, with
another null pointer problem.

            String driver = getInitParameter("JdbcDriver");
            String dbURL = getInitParameter("dbURL");

As for the CLASSPATH problem, when I try to recompile

>>> Method getInitParameterNames() not found in
interface javax.servlet.ServletContext.
        Enumeration enum = context.getInitParameterNames();
                                                        ^ Method getInitParameter(java.lang.String) not
found in interface javax.servlet.ServletContext.
            Object value = context.getInitParameter(key);
                                                   ^ Method getServletName() not found in class
        out.println("Servlet Name: " + getServletName());
                                                     ^ Method getLocale() not found in interface
        out.println("Locale: "+ request.getLocale());
                                                 ^ Method getBufferSize() not found in interface
        out.println("Default Response Buffer: "+
                                                                       ^ Method isSecure() not found in interface
        out.println("Request Is Secure: " + request.isSecure());
                                                            ^ Method getContextPath() not found in interface
        out.println("Context Path: " + request.getContextPath());
                                                             ^ Method getAttributeNames() not found in interface
        Enumeration names = session.getAttributeNames();
                                                     ^ Method getAttribute(java.lang.String) not found
in interface javax.servlet.http.HttpSession.
            out.println("   " + name + " = " +
9 errors

Thanks in advance for any pointers.  Possibly I've just been staring at
all this for too long and cannot see the obvious.

Mark Kolmar
Manta Media Inc.

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