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From "Wilson, Graeme" <>
Subject Cookies and Java
Date Wed, 17 May 2000 22:28:55 GMT
A little off topic - but I figure you guys may have some info on this -

We are trying to use the secure login with apache - but we want to be able
to read the cookie that is set by the apache server that shows the login was
successfull for application level security as well.  So far we have drawn a
blank on finding the elusive cookie and what information it holds.

We intend to pass the login name to servlets for actually doing the
transactions we want to process and do lookups from there on transaction
security tables in the database. (Servlet running the transaction - spot the
tenuous Tomcat link ;-) 

Anyone one any ideas of pointers to a fountain of knowledge that would belp
us get the Login name out of the cookie that get`s set ?

Thanks in advance,

		Graeme Wilson

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