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From "Wilson, Graeme" <>
Subject Apache, SSL and Tomcat
Date Tue, 16 May 2000 19:08:01 GMT
	We are starting a web development project for our product - and are
looking to implement apache with Java servlets and require support for Java
servlets 2.2 ( don`t ask me why we need 2.2 - I was just told to do it ;-) 

Tomcat seemed like a good choice.  However I`m not 100% clear on how Tomcat

	We require all communication from the client browser to the server
to be Via SSL.  I noticed that Tomcat listens on a different port - am I
right in assuming then that communication will not be via SSL.

Excuse my ignorance on this topic - but I`m new to web development and find
myself on a steep learning curve - but hey at least it`s fun work ;-)

Graeme Wilson
Oracle DBA / Systems Admin
SPIRENT Systems - Aerospace solutions.
" Focused on the business of flight "

Based at: 
7590 Fay Avenue 
La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone:+858 454 0028 x298
Fax:    +858 454 7891

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