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From Alberto Rodríguez Ortega <>
Subject Re: Servlets vs JavaBeans
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 10:38:13 GMT

I'm novice but i'll try i understand (i hopt it's ok):

- Well, consider jsp as HTML-ASP and servelts as CGI (it's not so but it's 
same in utility).
- Java Beans is near of AxtiveX (have a concrete structure etc etc as 
ActiveX). The actuation is on the client.
- Enterprise Java Beans is (*think*) a group of beans which actue on the 
server and, bettwen all generate a group of cualities which can by used by all.
I'll try to explain this (remember i'm a novice and i only talk about i 
have read really quick), U have a Bean with a X structure and X parametres 
u can use. U have too a containers with all facilities all beans on the 
server u can use (one give u SSL faciltity, other give u X .. other Y .... 
) , then u can set on the bean-aplication that client execute on the server:

SSlprot: yes/no
X: yes/no
(Note: it is a server of aplications which all can use X properties of a 
container ans blah blah)

ufff, i think it's not so clear but i hope u understand what i'm talkgin 
about (sorry my terrible English ;) i do i can).


At 03.09 25/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Okay I'm trying to get my mind around the differents between writting
>Standalone Java Applications and Web Applications using JSP/Servlets. Could
>someone please explain the different between Java Beans and Servlets to me?
>Carl Parrish
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