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From Alexander Kogan <>
Subject Re: Developing servlets on unix platform: IDE's
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 23:04:32 GMT


I get to run JBuilder3.5 on my Compaq (DEC) XP1000 
with Tru64 (DigitalUnix) 4.0E and latest Compaq 
JDK (JPDA support included).

You're absolutely right - JBuilder3.5 is pure java.
By using your techniques I copied everything from Solaris,
updated some settings and it works. BTW, JBuilder much
faster than forte4j in my environment.

More over, on there is
an article how to set up JBuilder to work Tomcat 3.1.
Hope it also works.

Thanks again,

Alec Bau wrote:
> We use Jb35 Pro (superset of a free Foundation version) on Solaris and Windows
> and it's 100% pure Java. Out of curiosity we tested this by simply installing
> JB35 Foundation version for Solaris and then copying the whole tree to NT. Then
> we wrote a simple batch script based on original Unix bootstrapper. It worked
> fine though you need to tinker with other property files to make it look nice.
> Before version 3.5 JB was mostly Java with Win native parts in Delphi (though
> Jb3 Foundation was pure Java). One catch is that to use integrated debugger on
> other than supported platforms (Win, Solaris, RedHat Linux) IDE should run under
> 1.2 JDK that supports JPDA.

Alexander Kogan    Parametric Technology Corporation      128 Technology Drive, Waltham MA 02453

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