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From "J. William McCarthy" <>
Subject Re: first steps
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 15:22:29 GMT
Well - that's a fairly broad question, but I can give you some pointers:

To implement servlets on Linux (in the Tomcat World) you need the following:

1. A working JDK install.  There are several implementations of the JDK, the
best documented is probably Sun's, which can be obtained from

2. A Tomcat Installation - Grab the binaries from the Jakarta site.  You can
get it at  Follow
the included instructions and you'll be on your way.

3. (Optional) An Apache installation.  You can integrate Apache and Tomcat so
that Apache serves the static content and Tomcat serves the servlets and
JSPs.  Grab apache from - Follow the directions
in the Tomcat Minimalist User Guide at
to do the integration.

4. Once you have the above elements working, you'll need a working knowledge
of Java 2.  (Servlets are written in Java)  I recommend Ivor Horton's
Beginning Java 2 (Wrox).  This book does not cover servlets per say, but it
does give you the foundation of knowledge on which you can start learning
some servlet techniques.  Sun also has some really good Java tutorials at

5.  With all the above in place, you can start learning servlet programming,
for which I recommend Wrox's Professional Java Server Programming.  Again,
sun has some great
tutorials available in the vien, which you can see at

I hope that's enough to start.  There's not a whole lot of cohesive info on
how to assemble the whole installation, just info on each piece.  I'm working
on a site that I hope will be a sort of an agnostic starting point for
server-side Java technology.  I'll post a link when I get something
together.  : )


Osvaldo Brito wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm just about to begin in the servlet world and i would like to have
> something doing something in my linux. For that i've the basic
> and i want to learn how to put this working in the
> server side. What i realy need is the basic about running a web
> application. Any help?
> Thank you in advance for your help.
> Osvaldo
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