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From Eric Schley <>
Subject Does anyone have a compiled version of mod_jserv for sparc running sunos 5.7?
Date Sat, 27 May 2000 23:26:11 GMT
I've been recently asked to put tomcat and apache on an Ultrasparc
running sunos 5.7 (solaris 7)

The machine doesn't have a compiler on it and since its a production box
I'm quite adverse to installing anything as major as gcc on the machine.

Does anyone have tomcat 3.1 (specifically the mod_jserv) compiled for
this platform?

I'm also looking for a binary version of apache 1.3.12 for the same
platform but since 1.3.9 is available I can
live with just that.

I've got the 1.2.2_05 of the JDK installed on the sun box so I can
compile all of tomcat except the mod_jserv which I need to connect
tomcat's servlet engine to apache.

Any help would be very appreciated

Eric Schley

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