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From "Rich Holladay" <>
Subject custom tag attribute & int parameter?
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 16:17:07 GMT
In the 3.1 Beta release I was able to use the PAGER tag library from

With the latest release I get a JSP compile-time error because there are
setAttribute(int value) methods in the tag.

Original code (worked in 3.1 Beta):
 public void setMaxIndexPages(int value) {
  maxIndexPages = value;

JSP compile error (in current Tomcat):
Ctx( /scv ) Error in jsp service() : Unable to compile class for
Incompatible type for method. Can't convert java.lang.String to int.

New code works fine:
 public void setMaxIndexPages(String value) {
  maxIndexPages = new Integer(value).intValue();

The Tag Extensions spec doesn't seem to be explicit about whether or not
attributes with int parameters must be supported.  Is Tomcat supposed to
support int parameters?

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